IUGG: Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy

(International Service of Geomagnetic Indices)

November 2018

International quiet and disturbed days

Quietest days 1 - 5:1715162622
6 - 10: 2330182825
Most disturbed days 1 - 5:54*10*8*9*

Geomagnetic Planetary Indices

Kp three-hourlydaily
11-1+2o2-1o 1o0+1+9+40.2
23-0+0+1+1- 1o1-0+7+40.1
32o2o0+0+0+ 0o0+1+7-30.1
41o1-1-1-1o 3-5-5+17-160.9
54+6-5o5-3+ 3+4-2+32+321.3
62o4-1+2-1+ 1o0+2-13o70.4
73o3+3-1o1+ 1o2o2+17-90.5
83o4o2o3+1o 1o2-1+17+110.6
91+0+1o2-1+ 3o4-4o16+110.6
102o2-2o4+2o 1+4-3+20+130.7
113o2+2-1o1- 0+3-2o14-70.4
122+3+3o2-2- 1o2o2+17+90.5
132o1o1o1-0+ 0o0+0o5+30.0
140o1-0+0+1o 1o1+1-5+30.1
150o0+0o0+0o 1-0o1-2o10.0
160o0o0o0o0+ 1o0o0o1+10.0
170+1-0+0o0o 0o0o0o1+10.0
180+1-0o0+1o 1-0+1-4o20.0
191+1+1-0+0+ 2-1+2-9-40.1
203-3o1+1o0o 1-0+1-10-60.2
211+3-1o1o1- 0+0+1-8o40.2
221o0o1-0+0+ 0+0+0o3o20.0
231-1o1-1-0+ 0o0o0+4-20.0
240o0o0+0+1o 2-1-1+5+30.0
251-1-0+1-1o 1-0o1-5-30.0
261-1-0o0o0o 0+0+1-3-20.0
271-1-0o1-2- 2+2+2o10+50.2
281o0+0o0o0o 1-1-1o4-20.0
292o0+0+0+0o 0o0o1o4o20.0
301+0+0o0+0+ 0o1-0o3o20.0

Preliminary sudden commencements: none

Editor: GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences
Adolf Schmidt Observatory for Geomagnetism