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Geomagnetic Variations in Niemegk
in the past 24 hours

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  • The geomagnetic field is a vector field described by intensity and two angles of direction or three other linearly independent components. Shown here are the variations of the components horizontal intensity (H), declination (D) and vertical intensity (Z) around a quiet night time value. They are continuously recorded at the geomagnetic observatory. Horizontal intensity is the component pointing towards magnetic north tangentially to the Earth's surface. Declination is the angle between geographic and magnetic north and vertical intensity is the component perpendicular to the Earth's surface, pointing positive downward.
  • Variations are given as minute values for the past 24 hours (UTC). They are updated every 10 minutes, if possible.
  • H and Z are given in Nanotesla (nT), D in minutes (). The absolute components at Niemegk are obtained by added the usually quiet night time values to the variation values.
  • The 29-Oct-2003 is showing an extreme geomagnetic storm. Time series graphs of this, the following days or incoming also other storm days are available in an own table.

  • The values shown here are uncorrected measurement results. Sporadically artificial disturbances (i.e. erroneous values) might occur, which will only be corrected in the final data sets later on.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact Joachim Linthe, Niemegk
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